Conferences & Seminars

Hear from experts across automotive industry in our seminars and conferences. runs regular events to help our clients get an all-round perspective on the latest developments in automotive & mobility, as well as network with experts and peers. We are also available to book as speakers at external conferences and events.

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Seminars provides a platform to discuss new developments and emerging issues across teh mobility industry. Get your intelligence from the front-line.

Briefings briefings are designed to help clients get up to speed rapidly on topics, with talks by experts, Q&A sessions, and an opportunity to network with other auto.autol subscribers.

Invite a speaker for your next event

Plan Invite a speaker for your next eventning an event of your own and looking for a knowledgeable, experienced and engaging speaker on Automotive & Mobility matters? We are regulars on the speaking circuit and may be able to help.

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